Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine that most commonly affects teenagers. Scoliosis can develop in a wide variety of individuals, but with Dr. Tam’s expertise and experience in the field, he can mitigate the side effects, prevent further worsening, and even undo the effects over time.

Though usually moderate, scoliosis can worsen and become debilitating. The amount of room in the chest can be reduced by a very severe spinal curvature, making it harder for the lungs to function correctly. Scoliosis doesn’t have to be debilitating, though. With professional care and attention, worsening can be prevented.

Chiropractic treatments help correct curvature and misalignment as well as treat and manage pain associated with scoliosis.  With regular chiropractic adjustments, the spinal curvature can be minimized and patients can avoid more invasive or painful treatments.

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